Patio Doors

Whether you’re entertaining guests, keeping an eye on the kids or simply admiring the view, your patio door is more essential than we often give them credit for.  It should be durable and functional, yet stylish and becoming of your home’s personality.  At Naperville Window and Doors Company, we understand the demands that most family’s place on their patio doors, and work with them to choose one that truly meets their needs. 
Just as no two homes are the same, neither are the doors that protect those who rely on it.  With this as our motivation we proudly offer one of the best selections of patio doors in Naperville and Chicagoland, including traditional patio doors, convenient sliding doors and luxurious French doors.  Our patio doors are available in hundreds of styles and colors, making it easy to set the perfect mood for any backyard outing or family gathering.

At Naperville Windows & Doors we offer WOOD, VINYL or FIBERGLASS patio doors from the leading manufacturers.



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 Traditional Patio Doors

Traditional patio doors feature the same strength and functionality as our entry doors, and make a wonderful addition to decks and adjoining kitchens. Traditional patio doors are available in a wide range of models and styles from brands such as Therma-Tru and ProVia and Albany.

Sliding Patio Doors


Ideal for high traffic areas and backyard entry, sliding patio doors make it easy to come and go without sacrificing beauty, durability or security. Naperville Windows and Doors  is proud to offer among the best selections of sliding patio doors in Naperville and throughout the suburbs.

French-style Patio Doors


When only the very best in quality and design will do, French patio doors add a level of style and sophistication that remains unmatched by more traditional options. Our installers are meticulous when it comes to ensuring that your French doors are as durable and reliable as they are gorgeous and inspiring.